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Aspen Snowmass Chess Club

The Aspen Snowmass Chess Club is held weekly at the Collective Snowmass and includes chess classes for Kids (Ages 10 to 20) and Adults (21 and older). 
The event begins with a short lesson from the instructor that includes basic concepts to chess openings and mating patterns for more advanced players. The classes also offer analysis of "Immortal Chess Games" and short videos from Grandmasters or various Guest Speakers. Then players are matched against each other based on their skill level to play chess game. Once a month, the Chess club holds a Chess Tournament between the Aspen Snowmass chess club members with prizes for the top 3 players.

About the event

Aspen Snowmass Chess Club

“Chess is a good way to learn, to keep your brain fit and the ego in check, a mental form of your local gymnasium” - Peter Abelard (1079-1142) Dialectician, philosopher, theologian.

The Aspen Snowmass Chess Club was founded in July 2020 by Vangel Yurukov and the first Chess Club meeting was held on July 13th at the Collective Snowmass. Initially, the Chess Club events included guests from ages 10 and older and later branched into separate kids and adults classes. Currently, the ASCC event offers interactive lectures with study of chess openings and variations to middlegame strategy and matting patterns. The classes often include short videos with advice from Grandmasters and analysis of famous chess games. The events end with chess matches between the participants and tournament games with prizes for the winners. The Aspen Snowmass Chess Club is an event that brings people together and unites them around the game of chess and the event format is constantly evolving.


About the Founder.

After graduating college in Sofia, Bulgaria, Vangel Yurukov embarked on a trip across the Atlantic Ocean in the pursuit of new opportunities, dreams and "happyness". The journey brought him to a small mountain town of Aspen, CO where Vangel immediately fell in love with the scenery, lifestyle and people. Obtaining his MBA from Regis University in Denver allowed him to get a job in Finance with a Real Estate Development company in Snowmass Village, CO. Vangel also worked as a Controller and Consultant for various International companies until the spring of 2019 when he returned to Snowmass to work for East West on the completion of the Base Village project.

Vangel grew up on a farm close to a small town in the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria. The long cowboy days of riding horses and working on the field alternated with peaceful nights of playing chess with his Grandfather. The passion for the game of chess remained and opening a chess club became one of Vangel’s dreams for the future. With the completion of the Collective building in Base Village, Vangel saw an opportunity to make this dream a reality. His Chess Club dream is to connect people from different, nationalities, political and social backgrounds and education levels and unite them around the game of chess. Vangel’s long-term goal is to host a FIDE rated Chess Tournament at the Aspen Snowmass Chess Club in Base Village. 

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