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10/05/2020 Monday Night Chess Club in Snowmass Base Village

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the phat leading out is only wide enough for one. /Mikhail Tal/

“No one will regret the time dedicated to chess, as it will HELP in any profession.”

Tigran Petrosian (1929 - 1984)

World Chess Champion 1963-1969


1.What is the En Passant Rule: The en passant rule is a special pawn capturing move in chess. "En passant" is a French expression that translates to "in passing," which is precisely how this capture works.

2.Rules of En Passant:

1.The capturing pawn must have advanced exactly 3 ranks to perform the move.

2.The captured pawn must have moved two squares in one move, landing right next to the capturing pawn.

3.The en passant capture must be performed on the turn immediately after the pawn being captured moves. If the player does not capture en passant on that turn, they no longer ca do it later.


Part One: Attacking a piece more times than it is defended:

1. Occurs when a piece has one or more attackers that defenders.


Part One: Attacking a piece with equal attackers as defenders (Scenario 1):

1. Occurs when a piece is defended properly.


Part One: Attacking a piece with equal attackers as defenders (Scenario 2):

1.Occurs when a piece is attached and defended twice but the attacking side would have the most material remaining after a capture.


Part Two: Find the Free Stuff:

Analyze a beginner’s game and find any “free stuff” on the board. Analyze and make comments on the moves played.

1.e4 b5

2.Bxb5 a6

3.Nf3 axb5

4.D4 e6

5.Qe2 Ba6

6.H3 Nf6

7.Qxb5 Bxb5

8.Bg5 Nxe4

9.Bxd8 Kxd8

10.Nc3 Ba6



Find ALL the Free Stuff:

Immortal Chess Game

Adolf Anderssen vs. Jean Dufresne

“The Evergreen Partie” Berlin, GER 1852

Italian Game: Evans Gambit, Pierce Defense

Checkmating Patterns and Practice

1. Mate in 3+ Moves.

2. Zugzwang

Garry Kasparov replays his 4 most memorable games

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